Surround yourself with people who drive you to greatness.

BOX is a place for leaders, givers, and achievers.

We over-deliver to our clients. We never accept that it can't be done, we ask "How can it be done?" We don't wait for the phone to ring, we make the phone ring.

The brokerage was founded to create an environment of perpetual growth. Our brokers operate with an abundance mindset. We are constantly sharing, adapting, and helping each other elevate our games to the next level.

Cutting edge marketing techniques, systems, and mentor-ship from leaders across the country allow our Agents to not simply exceed their individual goals, but to provide exceptional value to their clients. We over-deliver.

Excellence, Extraordinary, and Pressing Beyond Ourselves.

Welcome to BOX.

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Inspiration &

Rather than compete internally, our agents collaborate ideas in an inspiring workspace promoting ingenuity and an energetic drive to succeed.


We would rather invest time and resources in a select group of top-performing agents. We work with all of our agents one-on-one to accomplish their sales goals and to become the most knowledgeable in our field.


We are passionate about our community and believe in supporting, connecting, and helping the Portland area thrive and grow in all that we do.


There’s no doubt we are the boldest brand in town. Our individual agents are front and center in our advertising and marketing campaigns. Through social media marketing, yard signs, and other advertising channels, our agents have become celebrities in their target markets!


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