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The FLP - Your New Favorite Real Estate Deal

The Free Land Project - FLP

The Free Land Project - FLP

$500.00 Regular Price
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Instead of a flip, go find yourself an FLP!

Flipping properties is about the riskiest thing any of us can do to make a buck in Real Estate.

What if there was a better way?


Every day that you own that property, the market could shift and move toward a downturn in prices.


What happens if, when you go to sell, the market has shifted such that your home is now worth $40,000 less than what you expected to sell it for when you bought it six months ago?


What if your profit in the deal was only $40,000?!


Do you sell and make no money?


What if your profit in the deal was only $25,000?


Do you sell and write a check to sell it?


What if you NEED that your money back out of this deal?


Well, then you’re pretty much FORCED to sell it regardless of the market conditions.


By investing in THIS COURSE, you will help keep yourself out of positions like this.

Instead, we are going to go out searching for EXACTLY what we are looking for to give us an asymmetric reward potential compared to how much risk we take on.

Remember, there’s never getting rid of ALL the risk. That’s just not possible no matter what kind of investing you’re doing. There is always risk!


However, by searching for CERTAIN investment opportunities and asking the right questions up front, we can drastically reduce a TON of the risks being taken on by those more aggressive buyers out there in the market place... All while not giving away the potential upside!

Introducing: The Free Land Project aka "FLP"

We all buy a sewer scope when we buy an investment property. It's part of our required Due Diligence! 

For the price of a sewer scope, learn not only WHAT to look for, but learn as many of the questions, double checks, and DUE DILIGENCE you need to be doing on the front end to set yourself up to make money on the back end of an FLP.

What's the price of missing a detail if that Lot you were planning to split off, and a month or two later you find you cannot, was going to be worth $50k, $100k, or $200k+? Missing these details is costly! This is why knowledge of the required due diligence is SO important.

Learn how to buy real estate investments that inherently come with OPTIONS. 

  • Multiple Exit Strategies 

  • Potentially Larger Profit Margins

  • Hold or Sell All or Part of Any FLP


The Free Land Project was created to help you leap potentially years ahead on your real estate investing journey.

The skills and knowledge you gain in this course will add a huge tool to your toolbelt forever-more as you pursue growing your own personal wealth and financial freedom.

Don't wait any longer. This is your time to dive in. 


I'll see you in the forums!




This sale ends:

Using exactly these strategies, I made a $50,000 profit in 5 months last year in 2022, as the market turned. 

In Addition to the over 40 page training manual, and FLP Deal Analysis Worksheets, you will also get:

  • BONUS #1 - Lifetime Access to our Private FB Group of Founding FLP Members for future accountability - ($10 / mo value FREE with purchase)

  • BONUS #2 - Two DEEP DIVE Webinars with Q&A where Bob will break down in detail two of his FLP Deals from start to finish! - ($500 Value FREE)

  • BONUS #3 - FLP Deal Analysis Cheat Sheet! - ($25 Value Free)

  • BONUS #4 - FLP Due Diligence Cheat Sheet! - ($25 Value Free)

  • BONUS #5 - Ongoing Q&As with Bob Bochsler, other local PROs, and the Founding Members of the group!

This Limited Time Offer is worth THOUSANDS! And it CLOSES by the deadline!


Price will over double after this sale ends.

Join us today and immediately put these tools into ACTION to grow FREEDOM AND WEALTH in you life today!